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More than 100 years later, “moving stairs” still give people a convenient lift.
Otis wrote history with the introduction of the escalator in 1899. Today, we continue to improve the product through ongoing innovation. Similarly, Otis’ moving walkways offer safety, reliability and efficiency for both commercial and public applications.

Otis, the largest  elevator and escalator company in the world, has ensured the quality of its escalators and Trav-O-Lators® through an ongoing research program. The Otis 606 NCT Trav-O-Lator® is a successful example of total quality product innovation, and with our new landmark Otis 606 NCT Trav-O-Lator® we aim to meet customers' requirements for absolute quality.

Otis 606 NCT Trav-O-Lator® is characterized by its features which offer the maximum in safety, reliability and efficiency.

The design corresponds to the elegant appearance of the Otis 506 NCE escalator and fits well into the Otis product family.

Otis 606 NCT has been devel­oped to meet customers' needs in a wide range of usage from department stores, shopping centers, supermarkets and some airport facilities. Suitable trolleys can be transported on this Trav-O-Lator®, available in both inclined and horizontal versions.

Prerequisite to a successful and smooth escalator installation is planning. For this reason, OTIS dedicates a team of specialists first to help analyse requirements, then to recommend a cost-effective solution and finally to implement the solution. A rigorous study appraises traffic flow, technical and aesthetic expectations. Step width, inclination, positioning and the manifold building interfaces are taken into consideration. So, too, are layout configurations–whether they are criss-cross, parallel or scissor arrangements.An interchange of questions and ideas provides the route to the ideal escalator specification. And it is this spirit of partnership that enables us to work fast, efficiently and, most importantly, to your complete satisfaction.